I have never met a more caring and concerned Dentist before. Worked me in due to a broken tooth. Dr. Ahmed knows my fear of needles. (I tell him every time LOL) Took such a long time to extract because of a very long root. When I was in Waiting Room waiting for my scripts his assistant came out carrying a small bouquet of flower. He said he hope that would help me feel better. Dr. Ahmed is a wonderful man!  SR

I want to take a moment if I may to say once again just how much I appreciate Dr. Ahmed and his staff. I have never been to such a caring and peaceful practice where your mind is never filled with fear but rather a great peace and calm. It was just today that I was there for an appt. Only to walk out of there with my day being made by a true act of kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. MR

Dr. Ahmed, thanks for making me feel so at home! You and your staff are the best! TB

Thank you so much for your excellent dental care and warmth and understanding of this dental patient.CW

Dr. Ahmed and staff: I personally would like to thank Dr Ahmed and staff for sharing their expertise and skills with the community. A service that was greatly appreciated (by me especially) and deserves to be recognized. Thanks again.LW

Great job done by Dr. Ahmed today!! Feeling Much better! CCB